Licensed/KC Assured

As a licensed and a KC assured breeder you will receive a lot of paperwork about Mum/Dad/ and your puppy.
  • Contracts (initially deposits)
  • All information on both parents health tests 
  • Copy of all relevant health details and a copy of an extensive health check carried out at 7 weeks old.
  • A kc certificate for your puppy
  • Microchip details
  • Feeding schedule
  • Exercise information

Education/Getting to know the breeder

 Doing your homework on your breeder is very important. We may not look pretty on a WhatsApp call (probably due to being tired/Busy) as its full on work from the minute the puppies are born, Your breeder should be open to answer your questions and be transparent in what they do/how they do it. What we cannot provide before viewing is photographic evidence of any paperwork due to confidentiality and protecting our dogs/puppies. WhatsApp pics can be sent with confidential information blanked out.As an assured breeder and also being licensed you can check on a breeder by their local authority and the Kc. Any previous puppy buyers should be happy to answer questions about us if you wish to be pup in touch with any.

Collecting your Puppy

  • When the day has arrived for you too collect your puppy please bare in mind it should be early morning so to allow the puppy to find his/her feet in their new homes/surroundings. 
  • Have you puppy proofed the home and garden?
  • Have you good all the new items needed?
  • Food?
  • Talked to children about how to behave around the new puppy
  • Don't have everyone around on the 1st day as it could stress the puppy
  • Expect upset tummy maybe for the 1st 24 hours as it could be stress related
  • Expect accidents and be patient
  • If you don't want a certain behaviour don't allow it from the start. It maybe funny now but the puppy wont always be small.
  • Remember to love them and include them.