What Should I Feed My Dog/Puppy

Adults Raw Food A Complete Frozen Raw Food That Is Purchased In Many Different Flavours

Feeding Routine

Our Girls are fed 2 times a day. Each meal is a mixture of a complete raw food giving them everything needed to maintain a healthy balanced meal. We also feed raw enrichments daily along with games that involve healthy food treats such as fruit and vegetables such as carrots/peas/cucumber etc and and Berries which they love. You must ensure any food item given will not harm your dog so please read a list of items that can be harmful if given.

Should I give my dogs additional supplements?

Supplements are items to support in areas us as humans or dogs may be lacking in our diet or through illnesses. As our girls are breeding its extremely important to ensure they are in tip top condition before even thinking about puppies. If you are feeding a good balanced diet you should not need to many supplements at all. However we provide supplements such as seaweed/Pro/prebiotics along with their healthy feeding  they are in very good shape to support them all year round.
I would recommend to any of of puppy owners to take guidance from us regarding the future feeding of your new family member. 
Any issues should always be discussed with your vet if you have any concerns.

What food and when to start weaning

When the puppies eyes/ears start to open around the 2 week mark we find the litters take a marked interest in what mum is eating. Now no 2 litters are the same or even puppies within the same litter. Some puppies may start wanting to eat as soon as their eyes open and some need a little more persuasion especially if they are the chunkier pups and prefer the easy meal. About now mum should start spending more time away from the litter so their main food is still mum and this should not stop yet unless there is a problem. Once mums feeding with bigger intervals you can start introductions to 1 small meal a day. We make a sloppy scrambled egg soup mixed with full fat goats milk. Once we are happy all is going well we slowly increase as mum distances herself more. By 8 weeks we have puppies that should be on around 4 good meals per day and drinking plenty. If you decide to Kibble feed don't worry as we also introduce a good brand kibble alongside raw feeding for those that do not want to continue raw feeding so they can be fed either. All feeding routines are given at the time of taking your puppies home as well as info beforehand so you can prepare.