Having support when you decide to get into the show world is very important. You may find it daunting at first but there are some really helpful people willing to share good information and support. Find a show and go and  watch. Not only take in the quality of the breed but also how the showing actually works.
Ask questions and take notes.Do you a good breed standard puppy to start showing? I had a relatively good breed standard girl to start off with but this is where your journey will begin. Health tests are extensive and 100 percent necessary.
Being a newbie to the breed and showing don't be complacent by thinking you already know. I didn't but every show is a learning curve which I am loving.
Is it for you? Well the only way you will know is to get involved. I have found the exhibitors of this breed at shows are very protective of the breed standards and rightfully so. They are a fantastic breed when owned and handled correctly. A good breeder will not only support you from the beginning but will encourage you to continue the good work they started.
Find a person willing to take you under their wing and help you and your dogs flourish.

They don't all look alike

They are all different with variations within the breed standard

Breed standard

 Learning is not accomplished by a book alone. It will provide knowledge but only academically.

What Is Correct?

A Good Breed Standard Puppy

From  good breed standard parents that are fully health tested and have great temperaments. This is a good place to start. Then you may get lucky enough to breed a litter that MAY have 1-2 decent show quality pups in the litter. Its not a done deal that by doing all the above you will get all the pups at a top level, They will be healthy and happy though . 

 Not a good Breed Standard Puppy

Although I am sure loved very much but not a good breed standard quality. All different around the world in what constitutes as a good breed standard.

Gerard   O'Shea


This is a great read. Not only full of all the correct information but written by someone that know and loves the breed. A good place to start your learning.