Breeding isn't just putting dogs together!! 
Ensuring your girl is ready for breeding is  essential for getting the best outcome for a straight forward mating and delivery

Cytology or Progesterone testing

We prefer Cytology at Eyredazzle. I have used progesterone testing previously but find results are always more on point with Cytology. Cytology tells us when the cells look a certain way the girl is either ready to ovulate or has. With mating naturally or using AI (artificial insemination) this ensures the dogs sperm is inserted at the optimal time to ensure the best chance of conception.

Confirmation of Pregnancy

Around day 28-30 We carry out a scan to determine if she is/isn't pregnant. A yes moves on to extra care and attention. Feeding remains the same but we monitor and adjust as/when required. Health care we administer at the vets a injection for the Herpes virus vaccine this is aimed at protecting the puppies. The first vaccine is given during heat and up to 7-10 days post mating and a second vaccine is given 1-2 weeks before the expected whelping date. Bitches should be vaccinated at each pregnancy.
Worming a pregnant bitch is essential to as it ensures that any worms do not pass from mum to pup after they are born through lactation.
^3 days is classed as a average whelping date from mating, however some can be born at 56/57 without issues and also after 63 days but should be monitored carefully by a vet.

D-Day the birth

Over 24-36 hours the females temperature drops by just 1 degree, this starts the natural process of labour. Hopefully all goes to plan and she will progress from the 1st stage which means preparing for pushing/Contractions. Stage 2 starts with pushing and again all being well healthy puppies and mum.
After the mum has finished we clean everything up and maintain a clam and quiet environment for mum to rest.
We watch closely to ensure no issues arise but should they we always have a vet on hand at short notice.

Where We Whelp Puppies

We only have our girls whelp in our home in a specially designed area which is equivalent to a delivery suite. Its equipped with everything needed just in case so everything is on hand. We don't allow any girls to whelp unsupervised. They are supervised 24/7 for the next 2 weeks minimum and closely for the remainder.